Take pledge to help in reducing air pollution #delhi #smog

Take pledge to help in reducing air pollution #delhi #smog

You must have heard the news of critical situation of smog in Delhi, pollution level in city reached 19 times the permissible limit.  Indian medical association has declared State of Health Emergency. Deputy Chief Minister ordered to shut down primary school for tomorrow

Now people would have definitely started cursing Government, but cursing Government wouldn’t work. Why don’t you take a pledge to help in reducing pollution level instead of cursingGovernment? Don’t think what I can do it alone, everyone is thinking same so no one is doing anything.  Every small steps count

Come out of your comfort zone and do something for your city on regular basis. Make this your practice

  1. Use public transport if not possible Do car pooling, bike pooling
  2. Use bicycle for short distance
  3. Use energy saving electricity appliances
  4. Keep your automobiles well maintained
  5. Turn off lights when not in use
  6. Stop using dryer for drying your clothes
  7. Don’t burn your garbage
  8. Quit smoking good for your lungs
  9. Ask you employer for work from home, I am already doing it 😀

Be a responsible citizen and environment lover, these small steps can make a big difference.


Women WordPress WordCamps (W3)

There are plenty of Women in WordPress, percentage (% ) is definitely lesser than men. Still they are worth mentioning. Jorbin has beautifully explained “nothing would have been possible without Women in WordPress“.

WordPress encourages the women to get involved,  people keeps taking initiative to get the women involved in community. Percentage of women contribution is increasing in WordPress community every year. Even When I joined rtCamp, there were only two women in my office now we are 7. My company give double referral on refereeing a girl. I hope the count will go on ………….

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Impact of Demonetization in Rural India/ Story of my town

Before starting writing anything I just want to tell that I am not any political party supporter, I just support their deeds. I strongly support demonetization steps on the other hand concerned about after effects.

There is a major difference between the rural and urban economy which we cannot ignore, so their problems must differ from each other. Digital india, go cashless these all words are very fancy to the people from where I belong. I am from the place(Rural Area) where 70-80% people are not known to internet. This is I am taking about my home town that is a town officially, I am not sure what will be the stats in nearby villages, obviously will be lesser than this.

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Me and my phone Moto G4 plus

The phone plays very important role in my life, I know it does in everyone’s life but in my life in a different way.  I could have lost my job because of my phone. You will be amazed how a person can loose job because of a phone.  Sorry can’t tell, it’s super secret  shhh….

I bought recently a new phone, I am not much  expensive phone’s lover or you can say I am not pretentious. Earlier I had XOLO A500L 😀 . I didn’t abandon that phone till it’s last breath. My new phone is Moto G 4 Plus. I am loving it, writing my first post from WordPress.com app.

I decided to go to Vetal tekdi with some of my friends and new phone, but there was a surprise waiting for us, It was closed :). It had very odd timing morning 5 AM to 10 AM and 5:30 PM evening. Still we visited nearby place of vetal tekdi

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Join the Initiative for the upliftment of the Talavli and Sapoli villagers on 1st May

This message is to highlight the situation of villages like Talavli and Sapoli which are in and around Pen, enroute Alibaug.  We had done a survey of this village on 20th March 2016. Following are the observations from the survey done by us.
The residents from these villages live in under poverty line. They do not have any continuous source of employment which hits their daily living lifestyle. They do not get enough to eat, hygiene left far behind. They have schools but students drop out due to the distance they have to travel daily by walk. Due to the direct water intake from the nearby flowing canal water coming from the dam, they fall prey to water borne diseases very often. Some lives have been damaged irreparably. There are transportation problems due to bad roads. There are just two toilets for around 60 houses.

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My two years journey in Pune

Yeeee I have completed 2 years in Pune today. On 6th April 2014 I came to Pune with lots of hopes and dreams.  On 7th April 2014 I have joined rtCamp as a WordPress QA Tester.  It’s been a nice journey. I can not forget this day, this was the new beginning of my life.  I had never any idea that one day I will be in Pune for job and will be working on WordPress. Since the college time I had been working on Java only. I joined my first job as a Java Developer, my first blog was Java2Career. But now here I am, working on WordPress, I think I can say it “My Destiny” :D.

These 2 years went too fast, I did a lot of things for the first time

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I am going to attend WC Mumbai, are you?

I am going to attend WordCamp Mumbai 2016 and I am very excited. I have attended only one WordCamp before this, WordCamp Pune 2015 and it was fun and enlightening both at the same time.

After attending WordCamp Pune 2015 I felt like I must attend every WordCamp.When I heard WC Mumbai tickets are live I could not  resist myself from booking the ticket, I just bought the ticket without making any delay :D.

WordCamp Pune 2015 was first WordCamp that I have ever attended, so I was totally new to all this. But I enjoyed every moment of WordCamp. What was in WordCamp Pune that made me so crazy about WordCamps?  Multilingual sessions where you can get knowledge in your own language, all sessions were worth attending. Most important thing it was full of rtCampers 😉 , so it was my comfortable zone and hoping the same in WordCamp Mumbai 2016.

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Plastic Waste Warriors – Be the change

Plastic Waste Warriors – Be the change

I am glad that I am also  part of  Plastic Waste Warriors. Who are the Plastic Waste Warrior, Plastic Waste Warrior is a group of people who are making every big and small efforts to make their places Plastic free.

How I become part of this group?

My friend Prachi told me about this group, I felt like It’s an opportunity I must not miss this.

On  17th Jan, 2015 Dharti organized a seminar on Waste Management, her enthusiasm was commendable. The whole event was initiated by WhatsApp and the response was awesome, more than 50 people joined on just one WhatsApp message. It was incredible.

Our speaker was Mr. Ramdas Kokare, who made Dapoli plastic free town. He was the Chief Officer of Dapoli Municipality in 2010. He decided to make Dapoli Plastic Free and he had done it.

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Hello World!

Hello everyone, this is my first post of my very first personal blog :D.

I have always thought to write a personal blog but couldn’t write. It’s a perfect day to start it, today is Republic Day. Happy republic day to all of you :).I have a technical blog , writing a technical blog seems easier than writing a personal blog to me.

Some things always dragged me back from writing a personal blog like:

  1. Choosing a personal blog name
  2. What should I write in my personal blog?
  3. And off course the Time

Choosing a blog name was really tough, after researching a lot, I come up with 7 Colours Blog . I have googled “Choose a blog name” and first result was THE GUIDE TO CHOOSING A BLOG NAME YOU WON’T REGRET: PART 1.  So as this post suggests, I have tried to figure out what I will write in my personal blog and I found, the topics will be random. So I have named it ‘7 Colours Blog’ on the concept of Rainbow, I wanted to name it just ‘7 colours ‘ but it was not available.

In this blog I will be writing my personal experiences, personal view on any topic.

Thanks for reading it.