My two years journey in Pune

Yeeee I have completed 2 years in Pune today. On 6th April 2014 I came to Pune with lots of hopes and dreams.  On 7th April 2014 I have joined rtCamp as a WordPress QA Tester.  It’s been a nice journey. I can not forget this day, this was the new beginning of my life.  I had never any idea that one day I will be in Pune for job and will be working on WordPress. Since the college time I had been working on Java only. I joined my first job as a Java Developer, my first blog was Java2Career. But now here I am, working on WordPress, I think I can say it “My Destiny” :D.

These 2 years went too fast, I did a lot of things for the first time

Things I did first time in these 2 years:

  • Learned WordPress – I  learnt WordPress, I had known WordPress as a blogging platform only
  • Testing – I was in development earlier so it was my first experience in Testing. Do not underestimate the power of testing. It’s not as easy as it seems.
  • Automation Testing –  I was still in touch with Java, I used my Java skills in testing also for automating the manual testing
  • Attended WordCamp : Attended WordCamp first time
  • Open source contribution : Did contribution in Open Source Project WordPress first time 
  • Started my personal blog 

Apart from this I also had lots of fun, made many new friends, learnt two new languages Marathi and Gujarati little bit :), visited Goa.  Got to know about various kind of human nature, some people surprised me (Aise bhi log hote hai 😯 ).

I met so many wonderful people in these 2 years.
Thank you to everyone who supported me on my journey in Pune.

Hoping to learn new things in this new year 🙂



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