Me and my phone Moto G4 plus

The phone plays very important role in my life, I know it does in everyone’s life but in my life in a different way.  I could have lost my job because of my phone. You will be amazed how a person can loose job because of a phone.  Sorry can’t tell, it’s super secret  shhh….

I bought recently a new phone, I am not much  expensive phone’s lover or you can say I am not pretentious. Earlier I had XOLO A500L 😀 . I didn’t abandon that phone till it’s last breath. My new phone is Moto G 4 Plus. I am loving it, writing my first post from app.

I decided to go to Vetal tekdi with some of my friends and new phone, but there was a surprise waiting for us, It was closed :). It had very odd timing morning 5 AM to 10 AM and 5:30 PM evening. Still we visited nearby place of vetal tekdi

Here are some glimpses of Vetal tekdi captured by my phone:

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We didn’t spend much time there so we had much time left. We all decided to go to Mulshi Dam, it was unplanned trip.

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