Impact of Demonetization in Rural India/ Story of my town

Before starting writing anything I just want to tell that I am not any political party supporter, I just support their deeds. I strongly support demonetization steps on the other hand concerned about after effects.

There is a major difference between the rural and urban economy which we cannot ignore, so their problems must differ from each other. Digital india, go cashless these all words are very fancy to the people from where I belong. I am from the place(Rural Area) where 70-80% people are not known to internet. This is I am taking about my home town that is a town officially, I am not sure what will be the stats in nearby villages, obviously will be lesser than this.

So the government talks about go cashless and all so while going cashless do they consider these people who even don’t have access to internet or don’t know how to operate all these.

In my town only BSNL broadband connection is available and getting BSNL broadband connection is like cold day in hell.  I do remote job, even I don’t have the broadband connection, couldn’t get it yet. :(.  There is only 2 3G network available i.e. idea and airtel.

So for digital india, at least these people should have proper internet. And after getting proper internet how the people who can’t even fill a bank withdrawal form will operate this ? I witnessed these people misery.

P.S. The fact I am telling is not from any channel
P.S. The fact I am telling is not from any  news channel

I was in queue there was one lady who needed only 600 rs for her son treatment, she get the form filled by me with the hope that she will get money. After waiting for hours bank clerk told her that you can not withdraw as all JAN DHAN a/c has been seized. She is not only the one there are so many people like her.  The labour of my town used to work in Delhi, had returned to home due to this crisis. Now they are unemployed.

I saw this video, I got too motivated by this. But is this really practical? BARTER EXCHANGE- they should have at least something to exchange, they had some savings that has already been deposited in bank, they are unemployed. So how they are going to do barter exchange???

My concern how this digital india, go cashless campaign is going to work in such places??? I hope all get sorted soon, but as far I know this is going to take lot of time to be familiar with online payments, ATM cards for rural indians. No doubt people are trying to support our government but in return what’s happening? Cyber crime has been increased because of their inadequate knowledge, they been been duped by hackers.

I support our government in this step but hope they must also have considered rural indians.

Hoping for the best……



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