Women WordPress WordCamps (W3)

There are plenty of Women in WordPress, percentage (% ) is definitely lesser than men. Still they are worth mentioning. Jorbin has beautifully explained “nothing would have been possible without Women in WordPress“.

WordPress encourages the women to get involved,  people keeps taking initiative to get the women involved in community. Percentage of women contribution is increasing in WordPress community every year. Even When I joined rtCamp, there were only two women in my office now we are 7. My company give double referral on refereeing a girl. I hope the count will go on ………….

It’s been almost 3 years since I got involved in WordPress, I always feel proud to be part of WordPress community. This was my first interview published by WC Pune because of being a Women in WordPress :). I urge all women to get more involved and get recognized, feel proud.

Happy Women’s Day to every women and special thanks to my mother, my journey would not have been possible without her.


No WordCamp can be completed without Women, every WordCamp has women contributors. I have seen tech events lacks Women but at the same time I have seen WordCamps promoting women, organizing special sessions for women. Here are some links:

More power to Women, keep contributing 🙂


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