Take pledge to help in reducing air pollution #delhi #smog

You must have heard the news of critical situation of smog in Delhi, pollution level in city reached 19 times the permissible limit.  Indian medical association has declared State of Health Emergency. Deputy Chief Minister ordered to shut down primary school for tomorrow

Now people would have definitely started cursing Government, but cursing Government wouldn’t work. Why don’t you take a pledge to help in reducing pollution level instead of cursingGovernment? Don’t think what I can do it alone, everyone is thinking same so no one is doing anything.  Every small steps count

Come out of your comfort zone and do something for your city on regular basis. Make this your practice

  1. Use public transport if not possible Do car pooling, bike pooling
  2. Use bicycle for short distance
  3. Use energy saving electricity appliances
  4. Keep your automobiles well maintained
  5. Turn off lights when not in use
  6. Stop using dryer for drying your clothes
  7. Don’t burn your garbage
  8. Quit smoking good for your lungs
  9. Ask you employer for work from home, I am already doing it 😀

Be a responsible citizen and environment lover, these small steps can make a big difference.


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