4 years in same company with loving WordPress

Today is my work anniversary, I have completed 4 years. Ahhh long time, never thought of staying so long in same company ;), of course, no one thinks of this because of career growth.  But why to switch company, when you are growing in the same company in every aspect. It’s been a good experience so far…

Ladder of Success

    1. I have joined rtCamp as Quality Analyst on 7th April 2014, before that I knew WordPress as a blogging platform only. Got to know here, how WordPress can surprise you every day. It’s not only the blogging platform, it’s much more.
    2. In the first two years of my WordPress career, I did so many things the first time like Automation Testing, Open Source Contribution, Publishing first personal blog. I already had a technology blog but didn’t have a personal blog
    3. In the third year of my career, I have become QA Team Lead in rtCamp and got featured in HeroPress. I was overwhelmed by the responses.
    4. This year I have been promoted to Project Coordinator.

Leverage of working with WordPress

When I joined as QA in rtCamp, I thought I am gonna regret my decision of switching from Java Development to completely new profile for me.  Profile and technology both were completely new to me, but I never regretted my decision.

      1. Wonderful Community: WordPress is a wonderful community having friendly, enthusiastic people.  I think WordPress has the most active community.  One does not need to worry if s/he is stuck somewhere, people are there for help.
      2. Work From Home: It’s been more than a year, I have been working from home.  Thanks to rtCamp 🙂 🙂  It gave me the opportunity to stay near my family while doing my job.  What else you need :). If I would be working in any other technology/company, I would have not gotten this privilege.  There is a weird question I always face 😀  Umm, you work from home, so do you get full salary?? Offcourse yes
      3. Networking, Recognition:  WordCamps, Meetups are available for networking. I am lucky, even when I am working from home, I have ways to be in touch with the community. I overcame my stage fright a little by giving the presentation in WordPress Delhi Meetup.  Everyone loves to be recognized and WordPress gives me this ❤ ❤
      4. Giving back to Community: I love to give back to the community, so I keep looking for ways to contribute either it’s Core Contribution, Theme Review, Documentation, WP.tv.

Many more promising years to come …. Thanks to everyone Family, Colleagues, Friends.




4 thoughts on “4 years in same company with loving WordPress

  1. Congratulations.. I really appreciate your dicision.. it’s been thirteen years of our friendship. And from day one I were know that you will do some thing different and best in future.. and yes.. today I am feeling very proud to see you at this stage… As project coordinator in rtCamp. Best wishes for your new assignment..

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