My bundle of joy

My bundle of joy is in my womb, I can feel it every second. Yeah you got it right, I am pregnant.

When I got to know about my pregnancy I felt like… umm I wouldn’t exaggerate it. I didn’t feel much (Don’t judge me 😉 ) but as the pregnancy progressed I started falling in love with this tiny, little fetus, my DNA. Soon we informed our parents. As soon as we got to know about our pregnancy, we started looking for a good Gynecologist.  We were lucky enough, we got the very good, supportive doctor 24×7 available for queries Dr. Nivedita Raizada.

First trimester

My first trimester went with nausea, vomiting, acidity etc. From the very first day I have started googling about pregnancy effects, side effects etc, but yeah I always trusted my doc only. Doc google says whatever :D, I followed my doctor recommendation only. I have always been yoga girl, so for any health issue I always first try to cure it from Yoga. So for this, how would I have not looked for yoga.

I searched for Prenatal Yoga, after searching a lot I landed up on lara dutta prenatal yoga. After doing enough research I was pretty convinced it’s safe yoga for me and I started doing this.

This is what I used to do in my first trimester:

  1. Walk half an hour
  2. Yoga
  3. Take my prenatal vitamins recommended by doctor
  4. Follow diet actually I used to try.  But because of nausea, I sometimes had to skip. In this first trimester I had this
  5. Off course my office work
  6. Narrating good stories to baby, it’s been our practice through out the pregnancy

All my reports in first trimester were good enough. Baby was growing healthy, my hemoglobin, sugar etc was also perfect.

Second Trimester

In this second trimester, my little baby had started kicking me. OMG, this feeling is awesome that the baby who is going to be in your hand soon has started moving now. These kicks remind me of the life inside me, tells me that our happiness is growing in my womb. These baby kicks make me feel special and enable my husband to connect with the baby. On becoming parents how it feels, one can know only when one becomes.  We can’t imaging when the baby will be in our hand, how we are gonna react. As when we ordered our kid’s first dress and it got delivered, we both got emotional and tears rolled down from our eyes by seeing that tiny little dress <3.

Though I am not much religious, I only believe there is some power who operates everything and we call him God but I follow Brahm kumari Shivani because I think she talks sensible no superstitions. So because of Sister Shivani, I got to know about Virtue Baby initiative. Since the day I got to know, I sincerely followed Virtue Baby.  She even came to my hospital in which I am gonna have my delivery, for this Virtue Baby Workshop, but unfortunately I couldn’t go.

So what Virtue Baby initiative is? It’s the combination of spirituality and science and leaded by Sister Shivani and Dr. Nitika Sobti (Sr. Consultant – Obstetrics & Gynecology, Max Healthcare). By seeing Virtue Baby videos I got to know, parenting does not start when baby is born, it starts from the time when baby comes in mother’s womb. We are trying our best to be good parents, we hope we could give our baby good values.

In second trimester too, my routine was similar. But yeah I skipped walks, because I had become lazy. When my doctor got to know that I am not doing regular walk, she scolded me. She said it’s really necessary to have normal delivery.  Second trimester is called Honeymoon Period  of pregnancy, but vomiting, nausea didn’t stop for me.

Second trimester reports also turned out to be good.

Third Trimester

My third trimester is going on, my maternity leaves has been started for 6 months. From the 8th month of pregnancy I am on leave.  From the third trimester my doctor recommended few more exercises like Squatting, Mopping, also told me to increase walk from 1 hour to 1.30 hr.

How does squatting help? : It strengthen the pelvic floor, reduces the lower back and pelvic pain. When you squat to induce labor, it creates more room for the baby to move down into the birth canal. For more benefits

How does mopping help? :  Mopping helps baby to move into good position to birth.  It prevents baby to go into breech position that leads to c-section.

If you want normal delivery do these exercises, I am doing these. If you don’t do it, it does not mean you can’t have normal delivery, but that helps. Do these exercise only after consulting with your Gyne, because every pregnancy is different from other.

Don’t fall for Eclipse Trape

Please please don’t fall for this, you might have heard so many rules to be followed in Eclipse and everyone have different rules. Some believe if you will sleep during pregnancy you will have blind child, some believe if you chop anything then your baby will have cut mark and you should not eat during eclipse so many…

These all are myths, there is no logic. I have heard weird solutions for these, take a thread equal to your height and .. I actually not able to recall what to do with thread, but this solution was too weird how this can save you from eclipse effect.

Nasa has published an article about all these myths, can check these here They even say, pregnancy lady can watch the eclipse too, that wouldn’t harm. And I personally know many people who didn’t follow these myths and have healthy baby. Even my maid an illiterate women said “Mai to khoob bahar ghooma karti thi, mera bachha to ek dum theek hai” 

There is one thing if you have elders who believe in this, don’t be stubborn, for their sack follow this. They also have good intentions, and it would be really tough to convince them about this at this age.






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