Calling your baby by bad names, say it a big no 

I have seen people calling their babies by names like my Little monster, brat, duffer, many more.

Off course parents call these name in love, they call them as a notion of love “but” did they think that how it’s gonna effect baby behavior, what impact it’s gonna leave on baby character. 

Ever wondered what a child gonna feel????

 Calling your baby by bad names is the worst thing that you can do with your sweet little baby.

I find very hard time when I listen parents calling babies by bad name. 

I heard people saying that baby is just an unknown, innocent, clueless baby so it does not matter what you say to them. I mean really it’s their explanation to call a baby by such names ☹️☹️ ?  And if baby is innocent why to call them naughty, does it show more love or calling sweet, innocent shows less love?

 In my prenatal phase I learned that parenting starts from womb. Everyone knows that “Abhimanyu wali story”, don’t get me started on that.

So even if when baby is in womb whatever we do, talk leaves impression on the baby.

Few reasons you shouldn’t call them by bad name:

  1. Impacts personality: If we go by astrology, in our Hindu religion we choose name by zodiac sign and look for a meaningful name because we believe name makes the person character and changes the future. Psychology says calling someone by a name again and again influences his personality.
  2. Teaching wrong vocabulary: When you call them by bad names, what example you are setting up. When they will talk bad words how you would tell them not to use these.
  3. Learn to call people by bad names: Children learn by what they see what they listen. They wouldn’t think before calling someone by bad names.
  4. Perspective of themselves: By calling the bad names we give them perspective of themselves. They are precious treat them as such. I am not saying you don’t love them but calling by bad name is not love. Even if they have done something wrong tell them their behavior is wrong and encourage them to improve. But “DON’T CALL THEM BY BAD NAME”

    Parenting differs from person to person this is my way, my opinion. Leave your comments if you don’t agree with me and even if you have same views, would love to hear. 


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