Happiness is having your baby 24×7 by your side even when you are working

Shocked 😱,you might be wondering how’s this even possible? Yes it is possible, I am taking care of my baby 24×7 without compromising my career goals.Β  I recently got blessed with a beautiful angel and she turned 6 months old. So many responsibilities comes with motherhood and many moms does not feel like going office leaving their baby at home. Some goes to office and keep worrying about baby at home, sometimes it converts in guilt.Β  Thanks to my company, I didn’t have to face this trauma.

It’s been 5 years working in rtCamp and almost 3 years working from home. Working from home turned out to be real bliss when I got pregnant. From the 8th month of pregnancy I was on maternity leaves for 6 months. I joined my office back when my baby was about to be turned 5 months old, I extended my leaves for 2 weeks I think.

Today is my work anniversary and recently rtCamp turned 10, I am glad I am part of half of the journey of rtCamp. I am not the only one who has been working since this long, there are many who have been working from the beginning of rtCamp decade long journey.

Work from home made my motherhood journey more beautiful 😘😘. I can feed my baby whenever my baby is hungry, I can play with her whenever I want, I can see her growing every second, what else a mother can desire. Working from home need a disciplined schedule so you don’t mess up your personal life, me, my company, my in-laws do it well together πŸ€—.Β  My in-laws are there to take care of Kashvi (my DD), when I am working.

What do you think about Work Form Home culture, did you also find it awesome. Share your experience in comment..

Do you want to work in such an awesome organisation, apply hereΒ 

Happy 5th work anniversary to me.

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